Nepal has been relying on neighboring countries in various sorts of electrical and electronic items. For this reason, significant amount of money goes abroad for importing such goods. Establishing factories inside the country to produce electrical goods can save enormous amount of money. As a tiny step in making the country gradually self-reliant in electrical goods, Plasto Tech Nepal (PTN) was established in 2014 at Bharatpur-2, Kshetrapur, Chitwan as a proprietary firm in the beginning and now it was converted to a private limited company recently. It is striving for producing high-quality electrical accessories and delivering timely and efficiently all over the country. It has been manufacturing electrical items such as two- and three-pin tops, E27 and B22 angle and batten holders, ceiling rose, single and multi-pendent holders, modular angle and batten holders, D.P. switches, and so on. Due to country’s high demand for LED bulbs and tube lights, Plasto Tech Nepal Trading Pvt. Ltd. was also registered as a partner company by the same board of directors of PTN Pvt. Ltd., which has been importing such items and selling them all over the country.

World is heading towards promoting clean energy to reduce pollution and save environment. Capturing solar power is one of the best alternative clean energy, which has enormous scope. Nepal government has also implemented a Renewable Energy Subsidy Policy to promote solar lights recently. Our immediate future plan is to produce high-quality and efficient solar panels and sensor-activated light bulbs that is powered by free solar energy.


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